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Synthetic Indices are an OTC financial instrument based on a specific price movement algorithm.
10 Students in group
Medium difficulty
180 Education hours
From all the variety of offered Indices, we have identified 10 instruments. The algorithm of which is perfectly readable and makes it possible to build an accurate analysis and earn money!

The main advantage of all Synthetic Indices is the absence of any influence of the OUTSIDE WORLD and a fundamental factor on price behavior!
The safest trade in our galaxy!

«About tools»
Algorithm for making money
This is the development of the BINARY broker with the ability to trade in the professional MT5 trading platform.

Volatility Indices are mainly traded by amateurs of Binary Options using Martingale, but the algorithm of the price movement of the Indices is readable and allows you to trade according to a clear system, using a short stop and taking large movements in profit, which creates additional opportunities for knowledgeable traders to earn money when the exchange is closed or pairs on FOREX show extremely low or, on the contrary, high volatility.
Trading hours
Trade at any convenient time 24/7, all year round
The broker is regulated and has been in operation since 1999, pays without delay
How is the price read?
Clear and clear algorithm of price movement
Trading Tools
The chart runs very smoothly, without liquidity bursts
10 Indices, there is always variability in instruments
Influence of external factors
The lack of fundamental influence on the Indices, which makes them an almost perfect tool for speculative trading!
Liquidity, broker assets
A large number of martingale binaries in trading, which ensures the solvency of the broker, who frankly declares that 74% of traders lose money.
Groups are recruited every 1st day of the month, therefore the cost of the course is formed from early booking. The earlier you pay, the cheaper the course. For detailed information about recruiting a new group, write to WhatsApp +77007777337
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Booking from the 22th till the end of the month
Booking from the 15th to the 31st of the month
Payment time 10:00 to 23:00
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"Synthetic 1.0" Course
1st Week
Acquaintance with the price movement algorithm. The main variations in price behavior.

2nd Week
Analysis from the highest TF to the lowest TF. Price Action from D1, H4, H1 to M5

3rd Week
Trading tactics. Formation of an entry point, preparation for a deal

4th Week
Market entry and open trade escort. Entering a trade and closing a position

"Synthetic 1.0"
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